The wild kind beauty offers the ultimate specialized boutique experience for waxing, corrective skin therapy, natural lash enhancement services, & intuitive healing. From a lip wax to a lash lift, all services focus on achieving maximum results: they are not only clean, but education-focused, thorough, detail-oriented, effective, & healing.

corrective skincare

Invest in the best version of yourself with focused results-focused skin treatments. Your confidence will soar with a wild kind facial or ingrown treatment. Prioritizing regular maintenance of your skin's health is one of the most vital & rewarding practices of self-care.

Our goal is to leave you walking away feeling nourished, refreshed, empowered, healed, strong, & glowing. We are committed to...

  • (pro)actively working on a skincare solution: achieving clinical grade results while maintaining a holistic, healing perspective to elevate your skin's health from the inside out. 

  • education: continuously deepening our knowledge & nerd-dom of ingredients, chemistry, the environment, and how it affects the skin. With a range of focused and corrective treatments, we will come up with a plan customized for you and your goals.

At WKB, we are always exploring and adding new favorite tools & modalities. A range of options are available to meet your skincare need and suit your budget.

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Calling all smooth skin seekers! It is our mission to provide an optimal waxing experience that is as painless and as stress-free as possible.

Our beloved first-time waxers: we understand it's intimate, vulnerable and can feel awkward, even for the most seasoned wax client.

Comfort, peace of mind, and fun (yes, fun I swear!) are what you'll experience when receiving a wax at WKB. We want to be your happiness coach all the way through. You'll be hooked & relieved to have found the ultimate place for your waxing needs. 

WKB carries a variety of waxes - both soft & hard - to tailor to guests' hair type and skin condition.

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lash enhancements

I want shorter lashes - said no one ever.

Ok maybe some clients have said that if their lash extensions were applied way too long, but generally, every gal (and even guys!) would love to have a little something extra in the lash department. Lash tinting & lifting could be for you! 

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