referral & loyalty programs

referral program

share the love and refer a friend! for every referral that makes it in, both of you receive 20% off your next visit. for every 4 referrals that come in, your next service is MY GIFT TO YOU!


loyalty program
  • receive 10% off your pre-booked services: before you leave, if you pre-book your next service and keep the appointment a 10% discount will be applied at checkout! get the benefit of your preferred appointment time and an incentive discount to be consistent with your services for optimal results!

  • earn 1 gifted add-on service* for every social media activity you engage in (remember, each action gets you another add-on: 

    • checking in on Yelp or Facebook,

    • writing a Yelp/Google/Facebook review,

    • posting a selfie or shoutout on Instagram or Facebook tagging the wild kind beauty 

add-on service options include:
  • 1 facial waxing service
  • 1 brow or lash tint
  • 1 "laser in a bottle" hair retardant serum