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at wild kind beauty, we are constantly researching, testing & taking education courses on the product lines we carry to use in our treatments as well as for our clients' home care. this allows us to very carefully curate what we offer: a range of price points in the lines, the quality and technology behind the products, & the ability to fully stand behind a high value experience not just in the treatment room but that continues with your at-home rituals.


home care is essential to your success, as it is a partnership to see results and we are not with you 90% of the time. oftentimes people associate professional products with a much higher price tag than what you find out in the social media Influencer, Sephora, or other internet worlds, but that is not always the case, as we find that our clients are spending much more on products they aren't even sure work, but are conditioned to think that a public place of purchase will be cheaper. the truth of efficacy is in the ingredient deck, formulations, and what is right for YOU based on an educated analysis of YOUR skin condition. 

the difference between publicly marketing brands you see in stores, on social media,etc. and a professional-only brand is where they spend the majority of their budget.... marketing or formulation. professional brands are often not always "heard of" because their marketing and awareness is targeted towards licensed professionals in the industry only, and their priority of budget is spent on excellent formulations (a delivery system that is effective for the skin costs the most). supporting these companies and the small businesses of licensed professionals that are a good fit for you will bring you more success and confidence in your beauty journey.


below you can find a list of the brands we carry, with direct links to shop 2 of our top skin therapy lines - Roccoco Botanicals  and GlymedPlus - that directly also support our studio for those. if you're interested in placing an order for a brand that doesn't have a direct to shop link, please send us an email and we will get you taken care of! if you're not sure what you need, book a consult to get an extensive treatment plan & resources to support you.

Roccoco Botanicals


M.A.D Skincare (maximum active dermaceuticals)


Skinscript RX

MASK Skincare CBD

Hale & Hush sensitive skin line

Se Brazil