lash enhancements

lash tint | $30

this is a simple service using a vegetable-based hair tint. it is applied safely and carefully onto your natural top and bottom lashes (your eyes are closed). this service is fantastic for those with light-haired lashes, darkening those lashes and giving extra depth from root to tip.

note: tints usually last average 4 weeks - the skin may be stained for 2-3 days but the tint is meant for the hair and results are dependent on sun exposure, frequency of facial cleansing/exfoliation or active products. 

LVL lift & tint | $132 1st time visit / $122 return visit

for clients who are time or cost-prohibitive to the keratin lash infusion, the other lash lift options the all natural, European formulated Nouveau LVL LASH LIFT gives your lashes an extra boost of volume and lift out & up. think a safer and more effective lash perm. this 4 step process is done within 1.5 hours and includes a lash nap. 

lash lift without tint | $116 1st time visit / $106 return visit

results for lifts:

  • Results last average 6-8 weeks  

  • NO aftercare requirements or maintenance touch-ups, but brushing with a clean mascara wand or using one of our nourishing lash serums is recommended!

  • You can use whatever makeup or products you like after 24 hours


All lash lift appointments require a 50% nonrefundable booking fee that is applied towards the total after the service is completed.

The treatment takes approximately 1.5 hours. This is not a service that can be forced to be done faster or shortened like a waxing or facial service can if need be. The timings for the protocol are set & for an optimal result need the time allotted. For this reason, if you are more than 15 minutes late to a lash lift appointment it is not guaranteed that we can still accommodate you and you will forfeit your deposit as you have now compromised our ability to fill the spot - this is effectively the same as a no-show. Please familiarize yourself with my cancellation policy.