intuitive healing & coaching

card reading | $20 - $37

15-30 minute standalone card pulling reading and discovery session to provide guidance towards healing.

intuitive healing session | $74

45 mins to 1 hour session of both intuitive pranic & reiki healing, addressing questions posed during reading. The energy used during this session aims to harmonize the whole soul: all the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels. The goal is provide a soothing, purifying, high vibration experience that aids in recovering your soul to its optimal state of balanced wellness & peace. 

soul coaching | $124

75-90 mins session that includes a tarot read discovery session, in-depth life or business coaching discussion with action-items, and a final chakra balance and targeting healing for moving your soul forward positively, inspired to break through holding patterns, & take action for living the fully aligned life you dream.

healing party | $249

Bring your friends to the studio for a gathering of readings, group healing sessions, light snacks/refreshments provided. Please email for hashing out details! (Not currently available due to COVID-19 safety guidelines.)